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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Progress Report

Followers: 0 Yes, we're packing them in here at the ICS. Still, I was never one to seek followers. I think Nietzsche gave good advice when he said "Don't follow me, follow yourself".

Nonetheless, I would like to continue with a general discussion regarding the phenomena of emergence as applied to social systems with regard to the "Great Law" (of Peace) divised by the North American indigenous culture, as it provides a good example of how harmonious relationships between different groups may evolve. I also mentioned to Kahentinetha Horn ( that I would do my best in assisting the soveriegnty campaigners to "tear out (the) imperial fangs and claws", and I always keep my word.  

I advise anyone who reads this to contact MNN (at the link above) and order a copy of the "Warriors Hanbook", to which I will now refer:

"The most important things in the world are peace and happiness. Their requisites are food, shelter, clothing (temperate zone, in the tropics, not needed), proper human relationship, order (peace keeping) and an economic system which eliminates poverty. One is not at peace when one is not happy. There are those who are happy when they are not at peace. These are the oppressors and war profiteers. They have no use for peace.

People all over the world are concerned about the elusiveness of peace. There are many promoters of peace. They urge all the people to follow them in the ways of peace. There are thousands of religions which proclaim peace. They have followers. Some of the great religions have hundreds of millions of followers. In spite of all this peacemaking there is a singular lack of peace in the world. There are those who talk of peace and make profits in the billions out of war and other kinds of strife. There is a universal cry for peace, but not everyone in the world is interested in peace. Not all will follow the promoter of peace...

There are those who advise us that the only way to achieve peace is by peaceful means. To approach the peace destroyers with words dripping with honey and show them the error of their ways. In accents sweet, tell them that profits are not everything. It's more profitable to have peace than to have huge profits disregarding the fact that it's huge profits that make them happy. It's their happiness they're concerned about, not yours...

Starting with individuals, who has any peace? We have seen that the meek, mild and humble people are the most trampled upon. Because they don't fight back. What a sweet set up for bullies! It doesn't pay to bully the strong and fighting people. One can recieve more than one gives. It's the strong who get any peace. It's fear. Fear of retribution. That's how the peace destroying bullies of mankind are. They're only peaceful when they're afraid not to be. You don't have to worry about the naturally peaceful people. They don't want trouble.

Now, we know who are the enemies of peace. They are in control of the "free and unfree" governments of the world. They are over-rich, overfed and overpay themselves. They, themselves are not necessarily in the governments. They are in control by way of the money market. As long as they're in control, there'll never be peace." (Warriors Hand Book; p15 -17).

The Great Law is advanced social science. It worked, and provides an example of the emergence of post conflict society. This seems to me to provide a stark contrast to our own largely science/technology based society, and show that our scientific materialism is an incomplete construct, and in fact a dangerous one. Therefore I suggest that much is to be gained by merging the material scientific insight we have gained with the social scientific insight of the "Great Law". To this end, I think it is worth looking at the work of Julian Jaynes on the relationship of consciousness to the bi-cameral mind. Indigenous people have continued, it would appear, in a right brain dominant mode and remained in tune with the natural environment; urbanised, industrial people have moved (erringly, in my opinion), to a left brain dominant mode. The goal now, it would appear, is to achieve a harmonious condition in the individual mind of a balance between right/left brain function; thus the relevance of Walter Kaufmann analyisis of Nietzsche, and what he understood as the search for the "poetic Socrates". This would also imply that the current increase in "mental illness" could be a nutural response in individuals to move towards this homeostatic outcome. The driving psychological instinct behind this development would appear to be conscience. That is the individual mind (in some) has subconciously percieved the need to adapt due to exposure to increased collective suffering, and a change in worldview is occuring among a segment of the population in the developed. Ironically, those lacking conscience (and by the way, reasoning, in particular verbal language reasoning, rids us of conscience), are still deemed mentally fit!

As we know that the negative expires at the gates of being, a failure to adapt could leave those individuals out in the cold, so to speak, as consciousness evolves, or more accurately I believe, returns to its former state of clarity, in balance. This will hopefully provide some incentive for improved behaviour among some of the worst actors in the power stucture. Globalisation will have to be abandoned in it's current form, the Novus Ordo Seclorum being based on the recognition of the sovereign rights of individual socially coherent groups, with suitable legal sytems for facilitating exchange of produce, where mutual benifit may be derived from such exchange. Who has the right to assert the "instrumental aggression"? Those who support peace and justice - no one else. The exceptionally bad behaviour currently being witnessed in some could get worse, but as the eternal verities self organise at the top of the memetic hierarchy (yes, it's the eternal reoccurrence in action), it is just the natural laws' way of seperating the wheat from the tare. And they think God is on their side? As for the towering intellects of the over rich, over fed and overpaid leaders of the corporate structure, a writer who I have greatly enjoyed commented in one of his best sellers "and then they send their children of to the Ivy League universities, hoping to raise their IQ by the required few points...", no offense meant, but it doesn't work. Now, what was that story about St George and the dragon?             

Friday, 22 April 2011

Truth, Law and Justice

Well, it's Good Friday, so I thought it a good time to talk about three fundamentals of human societies, truth, law and justice. I couldn't post the original blog, I guess I went to far for this point in time, so I will just say that truth should be defined as the dynamic unity of reality, as expounded by Geoff Haselhurst at, that truth and law are synonomous in Hebrew, and justice is the divine will, the divine being the infinite, eternal  substance which connects all things. Thus the point made was that truth = law = justice = divine will or what we call God.

I also made the point that Islam holds the higher ground in the debate between the three Abrahamic faiths. In completing this now highly abridged post, I'll also point out that an old Druid once said "in the spiritual realm, like attracts like", and the LHC now seems to be seeing a principle at play which affirms this. hadron collider reveals universal urge to unite and that it's worth revisiting th David and Goliath story when we look at Israel/Palestine. What will be will be. Mu.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Lines Of Sight

An important concept in the military is lines of sight. Holding the higher ground gives the best oppurtunity to view the manouevres of the opposing forces. Looking back on history, it would seem that phases of military conflict are unfortunately inevitable for social progress. Eventually, the suffering and misery leads to attempts to overcome these type of conflicts, as the human mind desires to rid itself of the pain, and most religion is directed towards this goal. There have been times when appeasing the Gods through human sacrifice were deemed appropriate, or burnt offerings as an improvement on these, as through a process of trial and error societies removed themselves from superstitious practices and developed more intellectualy advanced understanding. Lines of sight in this time involves control of global communications.

The Great Law of Peace, the system developed by the Six Nations Confederacy of the North American Indians is based on the principle of advanced human relationship. The "Warrior Society" is directed towards the pursuit of peace, not war. As the original meaning of syncretism is to unite against a third party, the third party at this juncture should be those who oppose peace and justice in the Novus Ordo Secluram. This Great Law was put into place and brought peace to the Great Turtle Island before the Europeans arrived, so I think it's worth commenting on some of the principles employed. Karoniaktajeh (Warrior's Handbook), makes the observation that the meek don't get peace, they just get trampled by the bullies. Most of the worlds religions talk peace, but do not achieve it. It is human nature that some are mild, some are agressive. It's the strong who get peace. This is why those who wash up on the sunny shores of spirituality fail continually to achieve this goal, despite the appearance of the best intentions. They say they are healthy wealthy and wise. It is the warriors who bring order to the system by fighting for justice, which is really the key. It should be noted that war for plunder is piracy, thus must be outlawed. It inevitably leads to reaction and thus continues the cycle of violence. An important point to make about bullies is that they are all cowards. We just had anti-bullying day here in Oz, and there couldn't be anything more symbolic of our emasculated culture. This type of sunny shores of spirituality thinking is typical of slave morality, and not much will be achieved by a society of sooks. It's pathetic, to be perfectly candid.

Some fifteen years ago, as an undergraduate, I was informed that men set the structure in society, women weave in the spaces. It is a biological function of our species. Men are supposed to compete, test each other out, win, lose, learn respect for each other and sort out the pecking order. Women make their choice, and natural selection keeps the species healthy (I'll grant this is very simplified, but there is a basic principle at work). The most important thing is we conduct ourselves honourably, and with dignity. As for the barrier of the patriarchs, courage to face oneself, and ultimately death, is essential, thus the angel with a flaming sword stands gaurd at the gates. None can pass without drinking that burning hot iron ball.

This doesn't mean we should be macho, which is ridiculously insecure behaviour, but understand the war on suffering is ongoing and requires constant effort. Thus, Splitting The Sky's action of attempting to arrest  G.W. Bush was a positive warriors act of courage. It's in his blood. Women also fight for justice, but it's tragic when they have to do the more physical side of it due to the failure of men to be men. They also cross the barrier of the patriarchs, but it is the same hard struggle as it is for us, and there are greater and lesser spirits in both sexes. There are great women, there are great men, and the greatest are those who ask for nothing and humbly do what advances the state of being in the society, the benefactors of humanity. See  for an example of the standards some of the ladies set. The irony of the juxtaposition of glam celebreties with this story and photo is indicative of just how perverse contemporary western culture has become; and Maria's the most attractive of them anyway, just to heighten the effect further.

On cowardace and bullying, the biggest bully on the global block is Israel. Israel is immune to criminal prosecution for all its heinous crimes. The suffering inflicted on the Palestinians is intolerable for any reasonable person to witness. Most westerners unfortunately, are trapped in learned helplessness, brainwashed, brain dead, or politically and socially ostracised for not being one of the former.  As a variety of religious differences between the Abrahamic faiths run there course and, Truth makes its presence felt, there won't be anywhere for hypocrites, cowards and fools to hide. And Truth and Law are synonymous in Hebrew. All will be revealed for what it is. This might help explain why: Burn, burn, burn.

The crux of what is wrong with the Zionist meme was brought home to me when I read that the firm responsible for the remote control machine guns mounted in the towers along the seperation wall was called G-NIUS. I have a fair experience in electrical engineering, and some servo mechanisms coupled to some logic controllers and a video system hardly takes a genius to knock it together. The conciet is staggering, to the point that I would describe it as delusional to the point of being a diagnosable mental illness.
I recall the Dog Poets comments that he had long believed the flames which consume the wicked are the same as the light which saves the chosen (paraphrasing here, he put it a little better than I have), and I would agree. It is a matter of consciousness revealed on the cosmic scale, which seems to be well on its way.

Another thought experiment: Einstein used the analogy of imagining oneself travelling on a beam of light to help understand relativity. What if one were to imagine that one started out at the birth of the universe, and travelled at the speed of light from the dawn of time in all directions? Where are you now? Well, your still at the origin, no time has passed, yet you are also a the far boundaries of the universe in all its vast expanse and are a consciousness which has encompassed all that exists. Would it be surprising if the universe was infinite yet bounded? Or that time would fold back upon itself? Seems like a good place to establish a command post - great lines of sight.